Data Services & Machine Learning


Data Services & Machine Learning

Thank you for visiting our Machine Learning and Data Services! We at Alvayria Consulting are here to assist you in realizing the full potential of your data. Our skilled team of data scientists and machine learning specialists is committed to providing customized solutions for your specific requirements. We provide cutting-edge technology and data-driven decision-making to power your business success, from data analytics and visualization to predictive modeling and data engineering. Trust us to transform raw data into relevant insights that generate results as your partners. Join us now to discover the power of machine learning and data services.


Cloud Migrations

We assist our clients in application migration, application refactoring, infrastructure modernization, and application modernization with cutting-edge tools.

Database Architecture

Our suite of database architecture services enables enterprises to collect, sort, organize and safeguard their data with ease. Our database experts have honed their expertise over the years and helped corporations engineer.

Database Management

Our database management service helps corporations store, process and manage their valuable data. Our years of experience & expertise in this domain enables us to set up robust and efficient database management system for our clients.

Data-Lake Solutions

Data lakes complement warehouses with a design pattern that focuses on original raw data fidelity and long-term storage at a low cost while providing a new form of analytical agility.

Streaming Data Solutions

When you choose a Stream Data SaaS (Software as a Service), you aren’t just getting a product – you’re building a relationship with a team of IT professionals that is committed to supporting your business growth

Business Intelligence

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Our Approach to Machine Learning and Data Science Projects

We have 5 step approach to developing machine learning solutions and qualifying your problem as machine learning application.

  • Understanding the data
  • Qualifying the accuracy of the data
  • Determining the target variables alongside the input or driver variables
  • Understanding which algorithm to use based on the type of data Bayesian classification, neural networks, regression, clustering, and etc.
  • Reporting actionable insights, defining a long-term use of the model, and an approach to use it on day to day basis.

Perks of Working with Professional Agency

Our app development process prioritizes customer satisfaction, and that’s what helps us lead our way as the best application development company. With years of experience as reliable Mobile App Development Company, we have been helping organizations of different types and sizes through our smart and resulted-oriented solutions. 

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Powering Your Solutions With

Emerging Technologies

Our solutions are powered by some of the disruptive, emerging technologies. These programming languages and technologies help us build revolutionary software solutions with a forward-thinking approach.

Top Frequently Asked Questions​

When you reach out to our data science team, we conduct a thorough audit of your business, look at the challenges, and come up with the machine learning solution to address them. After that, we initiate the exploration stage and analyze the amount of data you have. We also identify which data needs to be sourced to develop the software.

There is a common misconception that machine learning is accessible to large enterprises only. In fact, machine learning software is widely used across all spheres to automate operations, make accurate predictions, spot trends, and make more informed decisions.

Yes, you can. Our data science team will help you find datasets available online, which will align with your request. In case we won’t find the necessary data, we will involve our annotator team, who will gather and mark up the data to build your custom software.

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