Resource Consulting & Management


Resource Consulting & Management

Alvayria Consulting for Human Resource Development (HRD) specializes in helping organizations develop the capacity and skills to effectively address their challenges and opportunities so they can remain relevant and vital. All organizations go through cycles and face changes. In times of growth, transition, or uncertainty, it can be critical for an organization to have objective outside resources to provide perspective while rethinking and redesigning for the future.



Our Promise

We pledge to keep our relationship managers involved with your day to day activities and track our consultants for quality and progress. We screen our employees for technical strength, ethics, communication proficiency, collaborative skills, and leadership.

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Experienced Consultants

We provide a broad range of consulting services, ranging from data analysts, machine learning engineers, software developers,  live chat support agents, website developers, graphic designers, and project managers.

Currently, we specialize in for software development consultants.

Top Frequently Asked Questions​

HRD brings together a diverse range of opportunities that can deliver significant benefits for your organization. This can include employee training, career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, and succession planning. It could also comprise your key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development needs.

HR is a critical function of any organization. As such, our human resource consulting capabilities are designed to fulfil every consideration.

Our services include:

  • Executive selection – search and recruitment on behalf of the client
  • Designing and implementing a performance management system
  • Assistance in preparing job descriptions for key positions
  • Assistance in evaluating roles to determine job classes
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