Data Services & Machine Learning

Machine Learning - The Power of Data, Math, & Statistics

In A Nutshell

Let's talk about the buzz word of the decade in the technology realm, machine learning. What does machine learning provide that I cant figure out on my own, perhaps using SQL or other data handling technologies? In simple words, we use machine learning to predict and find meaningful insights using algorithms with a mathematical approach. One approach, we build a model that gets trained with historical data, which is than used against new data to predict the likeliness of an event occurring. The model can also be trained to give you a certain precision or accuracy of how sure it is that it recognizes or forecasts a future event with the data you want to test.

Our Approach

We have 5 step approach to developing machine learning solutions and qualifying your problem as machine learning application.

Understanding the data

Qualifying the accuracy of the data

Determining the target variables alongside the input or driver variables

Understanding which algorithm to use based on the type of data Bayesian classification, neural networks, regression, clustering, and etc.

Reporting actionable insights, defining a long-term use of the model, and an approach to use it on day to day basis.

Data Services


Cloud migrations from on premises Database

Database Architecture & Management 

Data-Lake Solutions

Streaming Data Solutions

Technologies Supported

AWS & Azure

SQL Server, Redshift, DB2, MySQL, Postgres, S3, MongoDB and others

Azure ADLS &  AWS solutions with Redshift & S3, with processing layers

Kafka & AWS Kinesis solutions for your streaming needs