Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest and most popular tool of digital marketing services to promote your business online. More than half of the entire world uses email today. Email is an ideal way to market your products and services because it is so widely used. It is obvious that everyone you come across, and everyone who is in your target audience, uses email. Email marketing is one of the most powerful cost-effective process that you can use to reach and attract your target audience. 

Customization and segmentation

Customization and segmentation, we help narrow your clients into focus groups based on their interests and deliver custom campaigns. Our tools and reports will help you access information about clients and email campaign performances.  

Instead of addressing each user one by one, we allows you to address all of your clients in groups, based on their demographics (location, age, gender, purchase history, etc.) and interest. Segmentation has also been shown to be more effective than conveying conventional messages. Emails can be easily customized for each subgroup.  

Email Template Design 

We will design appealing and eye-catching emails for your subscribers using custom designed templates. Alvayria will send newsletters with information regarding the latest updates on the website or current promotions. We will embed the call to action (CTA) button in your emails, which will help you convert a visitor or reader into a lead. 

Call to Action Benefits: 

Your clients will sign up for your latest and updated content

Invite them to a new promotion or event

CTA allows your customers to subscribe to your weekly, or monthly offers, memberships, etc.

“Try for free” (CTA will allow your customer to take a demo of your products before deciding whether the product is worth the price for them.) 

Marketing campaigns must have effective call to actions button, these buttons help with brand recognition, increase sign ups, increase website visits, increase sales, and learn about your product offerings. 

Key Features of Email Marketing

Collecting & Managing Emails

Marketing campaigns involve sending emails to a list of contacts who have signed up to receive emails from you. Some example of how lists are created, say you visited a website and a pop-up appeared offering a relevant e-book in exchange for your email address. You have opted-in to a contact list and will start receiving email campaigns from that website. 

Alvayria will help generate these mailing lists for you through various input streams on the website. We will work with you in making groups and subgroups of your mailing lists, our process will register them and your clients will start receiving marketing campaign emails accordingly.  

Customer Experience

Our email templates also provide user guides in emails, which can guide customers with all the information necessary related to their inquiry or purchase. These emails can be sent as an one-time or in a series depending on the client’s order or inquiry status. Alvayria will also be sending review forms and survey forms via emails to measure customer satisfaction. This can help your business understand it’s customers better, and answer any questions or concerns they may have. 

Segmented and Personalized Emails

It is very important for us to use your customers’ history for personalized emails and campaigns, as it will help us send latest offers and relevant information to your customers.

With advanced automation process, we have made some creative templates for our personalized emails.   These emails are made for one time and we send them out to specific groups accordingly. 

Improving Conversion

Sending birthday wishes, welcoming emails or anniversary emails to your customers are just some ways to improve conversion. Your business can also send special deals and seasonal discounts, on special days like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, and new product launch updates. Keeping your client engaged with promotional emails have resulted in high sale conversion rates. Alvayria will send out promotional content to your clients, which will encompass a certain degree of personalization.