Google Analytics

A Message From Our Founder

Google LLC is an American multinational IT company that emphasizes on search engine technology, cloud computing, software, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, online advertisement. Google has become part of everyone’s daily lives. From a company owner's perspective, you should thus take advantage of all of Google's resources because they may assist you attract the customers.” 


Optimize your Google analytics with Alvayria

With the help of Google Analytics, we Alvayria can monitor your user activity on all of your websites and mobile apps. You may increase marketing ROI and comprehend the customer journey with the free tools provided by us through Google Analytics. We can examine data from both; your web and mobile apps using Google Analytics to fully determine customer journey. 

Even if you receive thousands or even millions of visitors each month, if you don't know anything about them, their presence is essentially pointless. Google Analytics can assist you in getting the most out of visitors and even converting them into customers thanks to its powerful web analytics and reporting capabilities. 

Features and Attributes of Google Analytics

We will document these Google Analytics insights to get to know how your website works and what we can do to reach your goals in addition to tracking the number of visitors. You may monitor everything, including the amount of traffic your website receives, its source, and the behavior of its users. To assist you in making wise business decisions, you can also track mobile app usage, identify trends, and monitor social media activity. 

“Active users” tracks the number of visitors that are genuinely active on your website over a given period of time. When we enable this feature the data will show you which pages are being visited the most frequently, allowing us to determine what is capturing users' interest and implementing it across the rest of your website. 

Key Features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics includes a variety of measures that we use to meet the needs of your customers, which is one of its strongest features. 

Google My Business

Set your company up with Google My Business page and manage any changes. It’s an SEO technique used to increase the web traffic and visibility of a web page.  

Keywords are short descriptions. Users enter keywords to search information on search engines. Keyword represents the relationship between search term and several billion web pages. On-site optimization includes website design elements such as keyword formatting, keyword in meta tag, keyword in title tag, position of keywords, external link, keyword density etc., which are controlled by the site itself. 

Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Connect your web application or website to Google Analytics and Tag Manager .A tag management system called Google Tag Manager, we are going to use it to configure rapidly deploy tags on your website or mobile app using a simple web-based user interface. It has the same capabilities as global site tags.  When we enable the Tag Manager on your webpage then you can easily alter and deploy tags on your website via a web-based interface while also optimizing tag deployment and reducing tag setup problems. 

Google AdSense

Manage your paid advertisements on Google with AdSense and Google Ads (not included in basic plan) .Based on your site’s traffic and content, we use AdSense to match relevant adverts with your website.  With AdSense, we can customize the style and feel of the advertising to match with your website and will display relevant and interesting ads to your customers on your website.  

After we make your account operational, you can access your Google account at any moment to view your profits. This data will help you get an idea of how effectively the programme is working for you and how much potential future earnings might be.