Live Chat & Email Agent

CEO Message

“We Alvayria provide instant live chat support for your clients; our chat support service will not only help in building relationship with your clients but also helps in growing your website’s traffic, and increase the brand value. Providing excellent service with accurate and exact information is our responsibility.

We make sure we understand your business; and we represent your business in the best way possible by analyzing and understanding your services. Our chat support services help your business by responding to queries, resolving your issues, helping with sales, lead generation, and data collection.

Say, if your client is looking for detailed services or is looking to get more information on pricing, our chat representative can easily assist them in finding the required information also, else direct them to the right correspondent.”

Converting your potential leads to business leads

We will understand the pain points of your customers, their interest and expectations from us and what problems they have to face while doing online shopping and paying for a specific service or product. In this way, we will engage them and educate them about our product or service, and how it can benefit them, so that they can develop the interest in the offered products.

Live chat support; “Get In Touch With Us Today!”

With our daily chat support service; you can confidently trust us.

At Alvayria, we offer online chat support to our clients during our office working hours, 5 days a week, when it comes to providing support we do not make our customer wait much to get back to them. We try our best to provide prompt reply. We are here to resolve their any kind of issue.

Setting Up FAQs

How important FAQs are

Regardless of how clear and attractive your website is, clients with questions most likely have to go through couple of pages searching for the right answer, which can be irritating for that person that simply needs a quick answer to a simple question. By compiling answers to common inquiries or questions on every possible topic connected with your business, we will make an FAQ page for you that will state every answer they are looking for.

Common questions that users may ask from you could be

How do I sign up? If I forget my password. How can I recover it?

If I order an item today, after how many days will it be delivered?

Can I get a special deal if I buy more than one item at a time?

Do you offer free samples or any free coupons on bulk purchases

What is your refund policy?

What kind of pricing plans you offer?

What limitations do trial accounts have?