Search Engine Optimization

A Message From Our Founder

"SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. SEO has become an integral part of our lives that impacts how we search for results on Google or Bing. The higher the ranking of the web page, the more chances of customers seeing your products and services. To simplify things, SEO is an art of writing, indexing, linking and curating content on your website."

Search Engine Optimization:

Google aims to show the most relevant results that you are searching for. Therefore, the function of SEO is to prepare your content for Google to index, which ultimately. Alvariya provides SEO services, and we dont just do it one-time, we continously understand the ranking of your website and perform the actions needed to rank it better. We use unique keywords and techniques that will optimize your website ranking and user experience

Alvayria uses keywords without being repetitive, and clearly representing the content of the web page using keyword analysis tools. We will set your brand apart from other competitors, and we will increase your organic website traffic, and change your entire scope.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis is a critical part of your marketing plan. After doing competitor analysis, you can determine what makes your product and services different from your competitors and, consequently, what areas you should emphasize to attract your target market. 

Ways to Investigate Competitors' SEO Effort.

Now that you have some SEO knowledge, customers might ask what if all our competitors are doing SEO, who gets the higher ranking or shown first?   


There are several ways to investigate competitors’ SEO effort.

It’s not a directional answer; it’s an encapsulation of different ways to direct search engine users to your website. Alvayria understands this. All website services plan includes SEO services that continuously being monitored by us and the changing needs of these search engines, we allocate advertising budgets, if any. In this way, Alvayria keeps you in a loop and stays one step ahead of your competition. 

SEO Strategies

On-page Optimization

It’s an SEO technique used to increase the web traffic and visibility of a web page.  

Keywords are short descriptions. Users enter keywords to search information on search engines. Keyword represents the relationship between search term and several billion web pages. On-site optimization includes website design elements such as keyword formatting, keyword in meta tag, keyword in title tag, position of keywords, external link, keyword density etc., which are controlled by the site itself. 

Off-page Optimization

Off-page Optimization, which involves the promotion of the web page and link building. Incoming links greatly affect the search rankings of a website in search results.

This SEO technique is not used for making changes to the website. A website with numerous high-quality backlinks will typically rank higher than an otherwise equal site having fewer backlinks because search engines consider backlinks as indicators of the quality of the content that is linked to.  

Location of keyword

Search engine crawler check whether keyword appear in <title> tag; <header> tag; <alt> tag; <meta> tag; <body> tag, in anchor text, in URL etc.

Title tag

Title is the biggest ranking factor. Most search engines use the website’s title tag as main factor of sites listing in search result pages11. 

Keyword Density

Density of Keyword means frequency of keyword present on web page compare to total number of words on the page. Frequency of keyword in title tag and frequency of keyword in body tag should be strong optimization factor. Density of keyword should be within 2% -8% for improving website ranking12. 

Keyword in URL

Keyword included in URL, The website will be found more easily by search engine crawlers if keyword included in URL. Search engine pays priorities to different domain name suffixes like edu or gov. Also, shorter length URL is preferred in Search Engine Optimization1