Going digital has provided a level playing field for all, you don’t need to spend thousands on billboard marketing or newspaper ads, and now you can target your audience with search engines and social platforms. If you are not going digital, you’re missing out on a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to engage about half of the world’s population,

if you want to. Increasing your business’s digital footprint can take some time, but consistent hard work will pay off with more visibility and clients for your business. Companies are placing a high priority on having a strong online presence because the internet has revolutionized the way marketing is conducted. 

What is a Company’s Digital Footprint? 

Your company’s digital appearance should resonate with your brand, how well you brand yourself on the web, decides how customers perceive you. Your online presence consists of a number of elements, such as social media profiles, blogs, websites, search engine visibility, and other digital platforms 

Some users may visit your website to read a blog pertaining to reviewing a product or service, in hopes of finding value in a future purchase. Your content can help a customer decide on a product or service, and your guiding them, may help sway the incoming sale or inquiry to your business. 

Customers today are heavily reliant on their mobile devices, they now have the power to check prices, research, read reviews, and search for competitors in the palm of their hands. It’s important to understand how customers work in the modern era of advertising, having your content ready in digital spaces will help you compete and grow your business. 

The Challenge 

Digital marketing isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and just because it has the word ‘marketing’ does not mean that it’s expensive either. There are free avenues to market your business using online portfolios, social networking, photo albums, YouTube, blogs, and many other free platforms. 

The issue here is that it gets difficult to focus on your business and put in this effort for your digital presence simultaneously. Digital marketing requires a few skill sets that can help you succeed, such as web development, writing, photography, graphic designing, and marketing knowledge.

The issue here is that for a small business hiring one person to manage digital marketing never ends up being successful because one person won’t hone all the skills needed.  


Imagine hiring a 3–4-member team and guiding them to build your digital brand without even knowing the techniques that work, we are sure you will eventually figure it out, but at what cost?

Alvayria Consulting provides you with just that one person-like operation, but rather with multiple resources working to build your digital brand. Costs are upfront and goals are set from the beginning, you pick the plan that fits your business and how aggressive you want to market yourself digitally.  

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